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Hawk SL

CB265 Brown Camo
From the moment you walk in the woods or sit in your stand, experience a hunt like never before. The thrill, chAllen
ge and closeness of a crossbow hunt is unequaled and the Horton Hawk SL is the perfect choice for the crossbow hunter who wants accuracy, quality and dependability for a reasonable price.

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Hawk SL
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Hawk SL features a thumbhole synthetic stock with an adjustable stock length to accommodate women, children and large hunters. The Hawk's powerful 150# compound split limbs, I.C.A.D.
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wheel and cable system, machined trigger and exclusive "Dial-A-Range®" trajectory compensator deliver hard hitting "on target" shots time after time. Rugged, lightweight and well balanced, the Hawk SL is a joy to carry in the field and capable of downing any big game. A two color brown camo pattern assures you'll go undetected in any terrain. Whether you're a beginning crossbow hunter or a seasoned pro, the Hawk SL crossbow will meet the chAllen

For almost 40 years Horton has been at the forefront of crossbow technology and is the recognized industry leader. When you invest in a Horton crossbow, you're buying the best, designed by experienced sportsmen and backed up by our limited lifetime warranty and top notch customer service. All of our products, from crossbows to scopes to arrows, are tried, tested and true. We guarantee it.

Horton Gold DealersAt Horton, our goal is to make you a more successful hunter. Increase your hunting odds with a Horton Hawk SL, available only at taiwan.

  • 260 F.P.S.
  • 150# Peak Draw Weight
  • Microflight Synthetic Barrel
  • Dial-A-Range® Trajectory Compensator
  • CNC Machined Trigger
  • Weight 6lbs. 14oz.
  • Length 31.5" 36" w/stirrup Width 25"

* Note: Speed and performance may vary. Higher arrow speeds may be achieved; however Horton does not endorse the use of arrows lighter than those specified above for hunting applications. Technical data may vary from crossbow to crossbow. Export crossbow draw weights may vary to comply with international regulations.


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